Custom grillz

Custom grillz are personalized, decorative covers for teeth, typically crafted from precious metals like gold or silver, and often adorned with intricate designs or embellishments like diamonds.

Where to get custom grillz?

To order your custom grillz, it is easiest to get them online. Below are stores that ship all over the United States.

Customgoldgrillz.comWhen you order from custom gold grillz, you make a mold of your teeth which will later be used to design your grillz. You can order your grillz in gold and have them plated with diamonds.   Price: from a couple of hundred
Krunkgrillz.comThis company also allows you to create custom grillz based on a mold. Krunkgrillz has both diamond and gold grillz that covers some or all teeth. Price: from $400 to thousands of dollars
Drgrillz.comWith DrGrillz, you can fully customize your grillz online and design the grillz tooth by tooth. For each tooth, you can select the material and the style.

What are custom grillz?

Custom grillz are decorative covers, often made from precious metals like gold or silver, that are made to fit over your teeth. They are popular in hip-hop culture and are often embellished with various designs, precious gems, or diamonds.

Making custom grillz typically involves taking a mold of the wearer’s teeth to ensure a precise fit. The mold is then used to create the grill, which can be a single tooth cover, a complete set for the upper or lower teeth, or both.

Custom Grillz can range from simple gold or silver teeth covers to highly elaborate, expensive designs with intricate details and embellishments. They’re seen as a form of self-expression and are often used to display wealth or status.

However, it’s important to note that while grillz can be worn as fashion accessories, they may have potential risks to oral health if not properly maintained, including gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Therefore, professional advice from a dentist should be sought before using them.