Artists and movie-stars wearing grillz

When you think of the ultimate statement piece, you might imagine ostentatious necklaces, flamboyant hats, or vibrant sneakers. However, let’s look towards the intersection of the entertainment industry and unique fashion statements. You’ll find an unexpected accessory shining bright—grillz.

Grillz, often spelled as ‘grills,’ are decorative covers usually made from gold, silver, or diamond, worn over the teeth. Though they’ve been a part of hip-hop culture for decades, the accessory has increasingly become mainstream, being sported by celebrities from various industries. Let’s look at some famous personalities who’ve lit their smiles with this distinctive fashion trend.

Paul Wall was The Grills Pioneer

Paul Wall, the Houston-born rapper, is not just a grillz wearer; he’s a grillz entrepreneur. Known for his famous line, “I got my mouth looking something like a disco ball,” Wall and jeweler Johnny Dang run a successful business crafting custom grillz. They’ve served clientele like Kanye West, making Wall an iconic figure in the history of grillz.

Lil Wayne with The Diamond Grin

It’s hard to imagine Lil Wayne without his signature diamond-studded smile. The New Orleans rapper is only seen with his set of permanent diamond grillz, proving that these oral ornaments can become integral to one’s image and identity.

Madonna – the Queen of Pop

At the 2014 Grammy Awards, the Queen of Pop surprised everyone with her glimmering grillz. It clearly stated that grillz aren’t confined to any genre or style. With Madonna’s golden grillz, she once again redefined boundaries and demonstrated that age is no barrier to being trendy.


Always one to make bold fashion choices, Rihanna has been seen showing off various grillz on numerous occasions. From a gun-shaped piece to one entirely encrusted with pink sapphires, Rihanna’s grillz game is a testament to her fearless style.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ adoption of grillz is another sign of this trend breaking boundaries. Cyrus has been spotted wearing a set of gold grillz, a vampire-inspired piece, and even a set designed to look like a retainer. Her choice reflects the versatility of grillz—they can be as varied and unique as the person wearing them.

Travis Scott – when high fashion meets grillz

Travis Scott, known for his distinct style that blends streetwear with high fashion, showed off an intricate piece of dental jewelry, a grill made of 18-carat gold and encrusted with flawless white diamonds. Scott’s flair for grillz clearly illustrates how the accessory has evolved from a street-style ornament to a piece of high-end fashion.

Grillz are more than just an eccentricity of hip-hop culture. They have crossed genre, age, and style boundaries, becoming an expressive medium for individualism. Celebrities like Paul Wall, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Travis Scott have all showcased the unique appeal of grillz, illustrating their potential as a mainstream accessory. As the self-expression culture evolves, who knows what unusual trend we’ll see lighting up red carpets next!

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